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You have a lot of options when choosing a new deck. Often though you are restricted by the slope of your property, any pool or ponds in your yard, and of course the needs of your family. Here is a general list of what types of decks are the most popular in North America, and what you should expect from them.Above Ground Pool Deck

These decks are almost essential if you have an above ground pool. They make entering and exiting the pool a breeze, (a lot like an underground pool). They also make your entire back yard safer. Your pool will be protected from breaks and your family won't be at risk to falling off out of the pool.
Wood Deck

Obviously the traditional deck. Wood deck are the classic choice and are easily the most comfortable option. Using wood also gives you unlimited design options. Plus, you can paint or stain the deck as much as you like, thus suiting it to any season or changing exterior of your home.Composite Deck

The composite deck could be the most exciting new innovation in deck material. Half wood, half polymer, the composite deck has all the strength and durability of a vinyl deck with the aesthetic appeal of a wooden deck. It also won't splinter and it lasts a long time.Roof Deck

Hey, not all of us live in the suburbs with a beautiful sprawling backyard. Urban townhouses often suffer from lack of backyard space, but vertically they have far more options. You can build a rooftop deck in most townhouses and apartment buildings. You could also incorporate a small garden. Just make sure that you have a secure railing to prevent any dangerous falls. Sun Bathe Away!
Vinyl Deck

Truly the deck that the space age built vinyl decks are affordable, durable and they last forever. You never need to stain or paint them. They come in just about any color you could imagine. They also work like real wood, so you don't have to buy any new tools in order to install one in your back yard. Yoursplinter free family will thank you for the vinyl deck.


Greenish hued pressure-treated (PT) lumber is one of the most commonly used materials for decks, fences, and other outdoor building projects. It’s popular for three reasons: It’s durable, it’s cheap, and it’s widely available.

In fact, homeowners looking to trim down the budget on a higher end deck will commonly use PT wood for the structural framing and cover it up with cedar or other decking and trim.With long-standing consumer fears that arsenic could leach out of the old copper chromated arsenate (CCA) treatment, the PT industry has changed the formulation to ACQ and TK. The new mixtures are more corrosive to fasteners than CCA was so be sure you look for screws and bolts labeled “ACQ approved.”


Cedar’s popular because it’s attractive, easy to work with, and is naturally rot- and insect-resistant. Unfinished, over time cedar will turn a silvery grey colour and last about 10 years. You can double that, and retain its golden hue with regular applications of stain or waterproofing.

The main drawback is price as cedar costs roughly twice as much as PT.

Exotic wood

There are a number of so-called “exotic” lumber species that are used on high-end deck projects, including ipe, mahogany, cambara, and Tiger Deck, the brand name for a Latin American relative of the cashew tree. They’re all durable, with natural rot and pest-resistant characteristics but people choose them for that “one of a kind” look. The biggest downside is that exotic lumber can cost three times as much or more than PT wood.


The deck boards and railings sold under brand names such as Eon, Perma-Deck, and Plasboard are made entirely of PVC (either new or recycled). They have most of the same pros (variety of colours, matching railings, long warranties) and cons (high price) as composites. If you opt for non-wood decking, your choice really comes down to which product you prefer the looks and feel of.

These are just a few that we thought we'd cover. As always, ask our specialists what is right for your home and your individual needs. Hopefully this will help you get started with your research and deck building project!


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